About Us

Tuctec Biometrics is a leading biometrics and security systems provider in the Middle East and Africa region, committed to supply innovative products, ground-breaking solutions and unrivaled services. Tuctec Biometrics focuses on biometric hardware & software technology for attendance and security access control. With a deep understanding of biometric technology, our R & D team is able to develop customized hardware and software solutions to our customers.

We understand security is not limited to physical assets of the company and owners but it extends to company time, efforts, intellectual property and others that are essential to business continuity and competitiveness.

Experienced Staff

At the heart of the company is a team of skilled product developers, programmers and technical support staff. Along with sales, marketing and administration staff, they are committed to providing our customers with unrivalled expertise, service and support.


To attain leadership in providing the smartest technology product, solutions and services through innovation excellence.


To be the preferred and most trusted provider of biometrics, software and security systems, providing our clients and partners with world-class products, well-reliable solutions and top-notch services.

Certificate by Dubai Police